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map of the resort

Wedding/Event locations are marked on the map with a gold star.


  • #2 is the ceremony location in the Secret Garden Gazebo

  • #56 is the reception and cocktail hour location in the Dreams Garden


All of these locations are right next to each other. Please explore and make yourself familiar with the ceremony location a day before the wedding so you do not get lost :)


  • #45 is the Sugar Reef Bar where the future bride and groom will be between 7-9pm on Sunday February 27th, 2022 to welcome guests. Attendance is optional and informal. Unpack your things and meet up for a drink!

A walk-through video of the resort can also be found at

Travel Tips
Please Read carefully

  1. Make sure you have your unexpired passport ready to go. You cannot get into Mexico without it!


  2. Resort will schedule your covid rapid test for 1 day before your departure. Make sure you schedule at check in. It is provided for free, on site on the resort.


  3. Don't lose the paper slip you get at customs! Most visitors to Mexico will fill out a little section at the end of the immigration form which is actually on break-away paper. The immigration officer will tear it off and stick it in your passport. Hold on to it because you’ll be asked for it when you leave the country (or risk paying a fine)!


  4. Remember to bring sun screen, sunglasses, hats, and bug spray


  5. Never drink tap water, only drink water from water bottles.


  6. When outside of the resort, toilet paper goes in the trash bin in Mexico not the toilet. They have a different plumbing system than the US.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

  7. If you want to use money for souvenirs, shopping, tipping etc. its advisable to change your US dollar to pesos. You can do this at the resort.


  8. Mexico is extremely tourist friendly, their economy relies on it. However, nothing in Mexico is free. If a street merchant or stranger asks to take your picture it is under the assumption you will pay for the prints. Same goes for when you are on excursions. Merchants will dress up in cool costumes or have interesting animals and to take a picture with them will cost you. If you want to, awesome, support their business, but just know it costs money.                                                                                                                                          

  9. Many Mexican resorts and hotels have “vacation clubs” similar to the US. They will offer things like free massages, room upgrades, excursions, etc. if you attend their presentation. Their offer is legitimate, however, it's a high pressure sales presentation that can last up to 3 hours. In our opinion its not worth it. Our advice is to politely but firmly decline. We've noticed this happens a lot during check in, where the person showing you to your room is also the person making the sales pitch. Just say no and move on with your day.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

  10. When you land at the Cancun airport, after you go through customs and get your baggage, you will walk through a long hallway with rental care companies on the left and right. Do not stop here, go all the way to the outside. Arranged transportation will be waiting for your outside with a sign. Frequent travelers to Mexico humorously call this area the "shark tank" because often times official looking people will try to sell you time shares or transportation through them etc. Watch this video for more info                                                                                                                                               

  11. Despite what you may read on Facebook, Mexico is a very popular, safe tourist destination. With that in mind there are places that are not tourist friendly or safe. Please stick to excursions offered by the resort or through reputable Mexican companies with local tour guides.